Membership Meeting, May 22, 2019

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Topic: RMF 2.0 for non-Federal Users Membership Meeting Slides: 2019-05-22 Meeting Presentation Speaker Presentation: Risk Management for non-Federal Users Learning objectives 1) Understanding of the NIST Risk Management Framework 2) Briefing on the updates to Revision 2.0 of NIST 800-37 3) … Continued

Membership Meeting, April 24, 2019

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Membership Meeting: 04/24/2019 Speaker Presentation: Intro to Cyber Insurance Topic: Intro to Cyber Insurance Cyber risk management is something that continues to evolve with the threat landscape as well as innovations in processes and technology. One of these new innovations … Continued

Membership Meeting 03/27/2019

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Chapter Business Meeting Slides: 2019-03-27-Meeting-Presentation Topic: An Update on Deep Content Inspection and DLP for Government Deep Content Inspection!  OK right, but what is Deep Content Inspection?  Is it the ability to work in highly regulated federal agencies?  Is it … Continued

Membership Meeting 2/27/2019

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Meeting Presentation: 2019-02-27 Meeting Presentation Speaker Presentation: Hacking Social Media – ZeroFOX Social Media Protection For Dummies: Download free book, click HERE. Topic: What is Social Media Security? Social media security is the process of analyzing dynamic social media data in order to … Continued

January 23, 2018 Membership Meeting

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Meeting Presentation: 2019-01-23 Meeting Presentation Speaker Presentation: What is Cyber Threat Intelligence? John Stoner and Ronnie Obenhaus will present on how gathering threat intelligence data is necessary to combat various threat actors from nation states.  Threat intelligence solutions gather raw data … Continued

Membership Meeting 12/19/2018

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ISSA Central MD Chapter Meeting Presentation: 2018-12-19-Meeting-Presentation.pdf Speaker Presentation: Human Securty Officer Topic: Creating a Human Security Officer While everyone acknowledges that users are the top security vulnerability, they rely upon awareness to solve the problem, despite the fact that awareness is … Continued

November 2018 Meeting

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Business Meeting Slides: 2018-10-24-Meeting-Presentation.pdf Speaker: Colton McQue, Zscaler Topic: No Network Needed?!?! It seems every day, we are bombarded with news of yet another breach and our personal information being traded and sold on the dark web/Internet.  We lose sleep wondering … Continued

October 2018 Meeting

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October 24, 2018 General Meeting General Meeting Slides: 2018-10-24-Meeting-Presentation.pdf Speaker Presentation: The devil is in the details Speaker: Greg Schwartzkopf, Fortinet Greg Schwartzkopf is a Sr. Systems Engineering Director at Fortinet, Inc. with 22 years active in cybersecurity. As a reformed hacker, … Continued

October 2017

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My very first post! So, here it is. My first Blog entry.  Welcome, pioneer – I’ll try not to let you down too badly. Who am I, and why should you read what I have to say? The truth is, … Continued

September 2016 Meeting

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Speaker: Chris Hauser, Senior Security Engineer, Imperva Chris Hauser is a Senior Security Engineer with Imperva.  He has twenty years of experience creating, delivering, and advising customers on how to manage and secure their information.  He has worked for SAIC, EMC, … Continued