Membership Meeting 12/15/2021

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Topic: Reducing Advanced Threat Dwell-Time with Behavior Analytics

Discussion on Security gap covered using Behavior analytics, both in the enterprise and cloud. We will discuss the traditional methods, quick overview of Behavior detection, value prop and operationalizing in a small team.

Speaker: Alex Attumalil, Global Cyber Security Leader at Under Armour

Mr. Attumalil is a technology leader with 21years of experience, developing and leading information security programs and global cyber operations teams. In this role, he has built great teams, empowered to deliver technical cyber risk mitigations, and aspires to increased accountability and ownership. His transformational vision drives risk-centric policies and innovative proactive mitigations, while his strong business acumen propels frictionless deployment of strategic global initiatives. Further, his cross-functional efforts to build consensus among leaders have allowed projects to be delivered on schedule and within budget. Mr. Attumalil builds strong, performance-focused partnerships with his technology providers, motivating them to improve their product offerings, thus driving business value to the partners and their customers. He is an active participant in customer advisory boards and technology conferences where he shares his vision and builds consensus to drive solutions for a secure enterprise.