C-HIT is looking for an Information Assurance Engineer with for a potential position working with the HHS – CDC (Centers for Diseases Control). The Information Security Analyst who is an expert in providing information and systems security support. 

  • Has a minimum of 6 years’ experience and extensive knowledge and expertise in network and systems/information security, regulatory compliance, risk assessment/impact analysis, data integrity/ disaster recovery.
  • Plans and carries out security measures to protect IT systems and networks. 
  • Excel at providing design, systems analysis, and full lifecycle of project management and has experience leading stages of system development, requirements definition, design, architecture, testing and support. 
  • Has experience supporting and assisting system security activities to ensure adherence to applicable, federal IT security policies and procedures. 
  • Has experience providing a full range of support for Security Assessment & Authorization (SA&A formerly known as Certification & Accreditation, or “C&A”) activities. 
  • Experienced proving recommendations, via include e-mails, white papers, recommendation documents and presentations, creative technical solutions to security challenges that incorporate evolving security regulations, policies, and mandates into CPR systems.
  • Has experience advising, consulting, and assisting IT security personnel with evaluating, testing, and implementing technologies to augment the security of IT components such as user authentication and validation, data encryption, secure key storage, PKI key management, smart card integration, and assist with mitigating identified system security vulnerabilities as they arise. 
  • Has experience advising the ISSO and others in information security matters.

If interested in this potential position, please contact jobs@c-hit.com or Sidney Spunt (SidneyS@C-HIT.com).  

Posted: 1/24/2019