April 26, 2017 General Meeting

Eventbrite - Data Engine Security Management - ISSA Central Maryland April 26, 2017 Meeting
Topic: Data Engine Security Management
Please Join Charles Sirois, Chief Security and Strategy Officer and creator of DataLeakTest.com for a discussion on “Data Engine Security Management” In this presentation Charles will discuss the inner workings of the inside-out Data Engine model for data protection. We will discuss handling data protection in 3 major phases; Inbound Data handling controls, Internal Data handling controls, and Output Data handling controls. Time permitting Charles will discuss Data controls deployment methodology including; Data Security Deployment phases, Data protection, ROI matrix, and 4 golden rules of deploying Data Security
Speaker: Chuck (Charles) Sirois, Chief Security and Strategy Officer, Assurance Data
Chuck has been a thought leader for Enterprise Security for nearly 20 years, Chuck’s expertise stems from independent security software development and consulting for the largest Federal DoD/ civilian and fortune 500 firms. Chuck has demonstrable experience in how threat actors operate and how to defend the Enterprise against them. Further, Chuck has proven his skills effective by successfully finding and preventing weaponized threats in hostile environments.Previously Chuck was founder of Contegrity Partners LLC and DataLeakTest.com, as well as Security Engineer for Websense, Novell, NetIQ, Tufts HC, and Citigroup.

Eventbrite - Data Engine Security Management - ISSA Central Maryland April 26, 2017 Meeting

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