Membership Meeting 11/18/2021

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Chapter Business Meeting Slides2021-11-18 Meeting Slides

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Topic: Protecting and Securing Data

Billions of people around the world rely on operations conducted across the space enterprise. Space systems support critical functions including navigation, communications, agriculture, financial exchange, and emergency services. Current and emerging markets for space services range from GPS and broadband connectivity to environmental monitoring and on-orbit manufacturing.

The volume of data travelling across information systems in satellite, ground, and user segments continues to escalate due to a range of factors and trends, including the commercialization of space with the transportation of cargo, experiments, and payload; human space flight; resupply to the International Space Station; Space as a Service (SaaS) and Ground Station as a Service (GSaaS); and the push to the moon and Mars.

Adversaries seek to exploit vulnerabilities and threats across this increased threat plane through unauthorized access, malware, denial of service, supply chain, and other opportunities. Guidance, best practices, and a defense-in-depth approach to protecting and securing data and information is a key priority and continues to evolve in the government and commercial sector to outpace the threat.

Speaker: Lori Gordon, Aerospace Corporation

Lori Gordon is a senior project engineer and technology strategist in the Corporate Chief Engineer’s Office at The Aerospace Corporation, focusing on Space Enterprise Integration (SEI) and Space Enterprise Risk (SER) to cyber and physical infrastructure. During her career, she has led efforts to coordinate national strategies and initiatives to enhance the resilience of U.S. critical infrastructure, mitigate national security and civil space enterprise risk, and accelerate technology innovation in complex systems. She has advised U.S. and international standards development organizations and academic curriculum boards on autonomous systems, cybersecurity, and the next generation workforce. Gordon has a master’s in public administration from the University of Massachusetts and a bachelor’s in geography from the University of Maryland. She is a Partner with The Aerospace Corporation’s Center for Space Policy and Strategy and is a Visiting Fellow at the National Security Institute.