Membership Meeting 2021-10-27

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Chapter Business Meeting Slides: 2021-10-27 Meeting Slides

Topic: Intellectual Property Espionage

Cliff will talk about an intellectual property espionage case study and discuss how focused curiosity can help you develop solutions.

Speaker: Cliff Stoll, Founder of Acme Klein Bottles

Dr. Cliff Stoll has had a variety of careers over his lifetime.  Presently he is the CBO (Chief Bottle Officer) and founder of Acme Klein Bottles.  He is also an author of 3 books: The Cuckoo’s Egg, Silicon Snake Oil, and High Tech Heretic.  He was a System Administrator at Berkeley.  He is also an astronomer.  And as a self-proclaimed mad scientist, he has one major accomplishment that few people in the world can claim; he successfully tracked a nation state spy through the Internet.  In his search for a 75 cent glitch, he highlighted problems with the network and created some unique solutions that helped the advancement of intrusion detection and digital forensics.