Membership Meeting 12/15/2021

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Topic: Reducing Advanced Threat Dwell-Time with Behavior Analytics Discussion on Security gap covered using Behavior analytics, both in the enterprise and cloud. We will discuss the traditional methods, quick overview of Behavior detection, value prop and operationalizing in a small team. … Continued

Membership Meeting 11/18/2021

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Chapter Business Meeting Slides: 2021-11-18 Meeting Slides Speaker Slides: TBD Topic: Protecting and Securing Data Billions of people around the world rely on operations conducted across the space enterprise. Space systems support critical functions including navigation, communications, agriculture, financial exchange, and … Continued

Membership Meeting 2021-10-27

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Chapter Business Meeting Slides: 2021-10-27 Meeting Slides Topic: Intellectual Property Espionage Cliff will talk about an intellectual property espionage case study and discuss how focused curiosity can help you develop solutions. Speaker: Cliff Stoll, Founder of Acme Klein Bottles Dr. … Continued

Membership Meeting 9/22/2021

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Topic: Zero Trust Is Not a Destination, But A Continual Journey As you are aware, there is a lot of confusion on what “Zero Trust” is. Most of this comes from different technology manufacturers marketing their products as the solution … Continued

Membership Meeting: 5/26/21

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Topic: Minorities in Cyber – A STEM Perspective on the Challenges and Successes Faced by Professionals in the Field Ms. Dickens will discuss the various Cybersecurity and Technology programs she’s lead throughout her 20-year STEM career.  Among her success, she has also faced challenges as a Cybersecurity leader … Continued

Membership Meeting 4/28/2021

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Chapter Business Meeting Slides: 2021-04-28 Meeting Presentation Speaker Slides: 2021-04-28 3Step_Approach_SASupply Chain Topic: Cybersecurity Awareness:  A 3-Step approach to Cybersecurity Preparedness and Operational Resiliency The challenges created by accelerating technological innovation have reached new levels of complexity and scale.  Governments, … Continued

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