Membership Meeting 2020-12-16

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Chapter Business Meeting Slides: 2020-12-16 Membership Meeting Speaker Slides: Least Privilege with PowerShell JEA Topic: PowerShell JEA PowerShell JEA allows us Systems Administrators to empower our fellow admins, developers, and security personal to accomplish what they need to on our … Continued

Membership Meeting 11/18/2020

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Topic: Roles of Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning in Detecting Data Exfiltration Essential Internet services are vital for many aspects of modern living, yet those services remain valuable to threat actors who use them for network intrusions and data exfiltration. Dr. … Continued

Membership Meeting 10/28/2020

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Topic: Lessons Learned from 30 Years of Security Awareness Efforts Organisations acknowledge that employees are often the weakest link, yet efforts to improve ‘user awareness’ tend to rely upon available tools and not true experience. Drawing on three decades of … Continued

Membership Meeting, 9/23/2020

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Topic: A Study on Drone Forensics Framework As consumer unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) or drones are used more commonly in public areas, an approach for a drone forensics framework is needed to guide forensics investigators in analyzing recovered drones that … Continued

Membership Meeting 08/26/2020

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Chapter Business Meeting Slides: 2020-08-26 Membership Meeting Speaker Slides: Dell Security Operations 2.0 Transformation Topic: Security Operations 2.0 With Dell Technologies being looked at as a key innovator is response to the rapidly changing workforce, Bob will layout  a vision of what the next-gen … Continued

Focusing on the Future

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The unprecedented COVID-19 has caused a major shutdown of economy. But the purpose of this article is discussing how to minimize downside risks, while maximizing upside opportunities? How do we rethink: (1) helping our clients? our memberships? (2) learning and … Continued

Membership Meeting 7/22/2020

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July 22 @ 5:00 pm – 7:30 pm Chapter Business Meeting Slides: Membership Meeting 7/22/2020 Speaker Slides: MSSP Market Overview Topic: Managed Security Services An overview of the Managed Security Services market including: Definition of MSS Categorization of MSS market segments and the pros and … Continued

Membership Meeting: 6/24/2020

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Chapter Business Meeting Slides: Meeting Slides 6/24/2020 Speaker Slides: TBD Topic: Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC) – A New, Required DoD Cybersecurity Standard On January 31, 2020, the DoD published a new cybersecurity standard which will be required beginning in … Continued

Membership Meeting 5/27/2020

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Chapter Business Meeting Slides: 2020-05-27 Meeting Presentation Meeting Sponsor Slides: Semperis AD Recovery and Protection – 2020-05-27 Speaker Slides: Bricata SOAR Presentation – Carl Bolterstein 2020-05-27 Presentation Title: SOARing into Netsec Traditional methods of security event management create a constant struggle to … Continued

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