Membership Meeting 7/22/2020

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July 22 @ 5:00 pm – 7:30 pm

Chapter Business Meeting Slides: Membership Meeting 7/22/2020

Speaker Slides: MSSP Market Overview

Topic: Managed Security Services

An overview of the Managed Security Services market including:

  • Definition of MSS
  • Categorization of MSS market segments and the pros and cons of each
  • Explanation of why certain offerings dominate the MSS market and why other offerings are less common
  • Overview of vendors and their products aligned with the common MSS offerings
  • Description of the varying service models and how they align to different types of customers
  • Predictions of disruptions to the MSS market in the coming years


John Perkins, Founder, ThreatAngler

John Perkins is the Founder of Threat Angler and brings over twenty years of cybersecurity experience. During the first fifteen years of his career at the Federal Reserve, he contributed to nearly all cybersecurity disciplines. John spent the next five years designing, building, and leading managed security services with Optiv, GuidePoint, Insight Enterprises, and other service providers. John’s passion is to build a sustainable managed security service focused on delivering cybersecurity value outcomes while developing cybersecurity talents in team members.