Membership Meeting 12/19/2018

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ISSA Central MD Chapter Meeting Presentation: 2018-12-19-Meeting-Presentation.pdf Speaker Presentation: Human Securty Officer Topic: Creating a Human Security Officer While everyone acknowledges that users are the top security vulnerability, they rely upon awareness to solve the problem, despite the fact that awareness is … Continued

November 2018 Meeting

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Business Meeting Slides: 2018-10-24-Meeting-Presentation.pdf Speaker: Colton McQue, Zscaler Topic: No Network Needed?!?! It seems every day, we are bombarded with news of yet another breach and our personal information being traded and sold on the dark web/Internet.  We lose sleep wondering … Continued

October 2018 Meeting

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October 24, 2018 General Meeting General Meeting Slides: 2018-10-24-Meeting-Presentation.pdf Speaker Presentation: The devil is in the details Speaker: Greg Schwartzkopf, Fortinet Greg Schwartzkopf is a Sr. Systems Engineering Director at Fortinet, Inc. with 22 years active in cybersecurity. As a reformed hacker, … Continued

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