October 2018 Meeting

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October 24, 2018 General Meeting

General Meeting Slides: 2018-10-24-Meeting-Presentation.pdf

Speaker Presentation: The devil is in the details

Speaker: Greg Schwartzkopf, Fortinet

Greg Schwartzkopf is a Sr. Systems Engineering Director at Fortinet, Inc. with 22 years active in cybersecurity. As a reformed hacker, serial tinkerer, and technology lover, his insights on the cybersecurity world are anchored in being a part of it since it’s inception. His vast experience on the ground shows in his no-nonsense advice on practical ways security professionals everywhere can increase their knowledge, understanding and security posture in today’s complex business world.

Topic: The devil is in the details: Nuanced conversations about cybersecurity

Summary: As security professionals each day we get inundated with news, buzzwords, product pitches, analyst summaries and a constant reminder by everyone around us that the sky is falling. Most of what is repeated to us over and over, however, is completely irrelevant to actually providing security to our customers. Join me for an interactive conversation about what’s pragmatic in this sensational world, how we can have more nuanced conversations about security— and most important, why not to be afraid of “I don’t know.”