Membership Meeting 1/24/2024

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Have you ever had the microphone on your cell phone turn on, by itself, when you’re having conversations, or, review your tax transcripts and see that someone has electronically sent forms to your tax account, or, been told by a credit company that they were closing your accounts based on false
information provided by a credit reporting bureau – only for the credit reporting bureau to say they never sent that information, or learn that a government agency provided personal and private information about you to another entity? Well, I have. After becoming a Whistleblower, I experienced these and
many other acts that I believe were in response to me being a Whistleblower. For each of these events to occur, I believe that my right to Privacy and the Rule of Law had to be violated. How does Democracy survive when these types of Technology and Cybersecurity threats are allowed and there are no laws or rules in place to hold people accountable. Technology is advancing rapidly; the law and policy aren’t. Not only do Cybersecurity and Privacy field experts need to be aware of the various techniques available that can be used to violate our Constitutional Right to Privacy, and stress the Rule of Law, but so do everyday citizens. If we, US Citizens, do not make IT and government officials aware of these evolving threats, no one will be protected. My experience as a whistleblower has opened my eyes to these items.

Speaker: Danielle Spencer

Danielle Spencer, author, protector of freedom, a privacy rights Advocate, and U.S. Federal Government whistleblower. I am a senior leader with over 20 years of experience focused on business, finance, and acquisition management. I am a change agent, transforming and improving business operations and processes. I have two Masters degrees in Business Administration and Information Systems, and a Bachelor of Science degree in Medical and Research Technology and am certified in Information Assurance (cybersecurity) and Project Management.