Membership Meeting 2023-09-27

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Topic: What’s it like to work in a Crime Lab? 

We have all seen Crime Lab technicians on television shows such as NCIS and CSI analyzing evidence to try solve crimes.  How accurate is television’s portrayal? Hear from experts who work for the Baltimore City Police Department about what they do to analyze and assess evidence.  Learn about what tools and techniques are being used to fight crime.  What training does it take to do this type of work?  Be able to tell your friends if what they are watching on television is the way it really is!

Speaker:  Nicole Belle & Kieu P. Danh, Crime Scene Sciences Section, Baltimore Police Department
This meeting features two representatives from the Baltimore Police Department Forensic Science and Evidence Management Division.  Nicole Belle is a Crime Laboratory Technician Supervisor.  She began her career in Forensics in 2017, starting in the Crime Scene Unit as a Crime Laboratory Technician working and processing hundreds of crime scenes.  She received her Master of Science in Forensic Science from National University and her Bachelor of Science in Forensic Chemistry and Chemistry from Towson University.  Kieu P. Danh became a Crime Laboratory Supervisor in June 2023 and started with the Division in 2018.  She a brief tour in the Carroll County Sheriff’s Office Criminal Investigation Unit.  She earned her Master of Science and his Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice December from the University of Baltimore.