Membership Meeting 10-26-2022

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Topic: Active Shooter/Assailant Preparedness for Business and Schools

The world seems to have gotten more intense and scarier since the pandemic started in early 2020. Although we have seemed to have come back to some sense of normalcy in 2022, there is also a cloud of uncertainty and fear that has even the best of us feeling vaguely unsettled. Unfortunately, this type of social environment can breed the worst type of criminal mind; a psychopathic one, that has rationalized people unlike them, or because of “them” have to die. This means that these cowardly and mentally disturbed individuals may attack areas of our society that National Security experts deem as “soft targets”, that being grocery stores, malls, retail businesses, and community organizations such as schools and parks. What can we do to defend against the unthinkable? What this conversation will propose are well-thought-out tactical and strategic methodologies borne from anti-terrorism, force protection, and the intelligence community; to help everyday business people and citizens prepare for an Active Shooter/Assailant when necessary.

Speaker: Bobby Sheppard, S3 Global Security Group LLC  (S3 GSG)

Mr. Bobby L. Sheppard delivers over 26 years of combined experience in law enforcement, intelligence, and cybersecurity. For the last 17 years, Mr. Sheppard has worked within the intelligence community, serving as a Team Leader, Senior Intelligence Analyst, and Program Coordinator, providing Counterterrorism/Counterintelligence and Cyber Threat Intelligence analysis, and operations in support of highly classified missions abroad and at home. Prior to Mr. Sheppard’s serving within the Intelligence Community, he served as a federal law enforcement officer and Executive Protection agent for 9 years with the U.S. CAPITOL POLICE AND CIA respectively. Mr. Sheppard has received extensive training and experience in Anti-terrorism/Force Protection, surveillance, counter-surveillance, surveillance detection, Incident Management Response; CBRN detection and response; as well as COOP AND COG operations for federal government entities to include the Department of Homeland Security.