Membership Meeting 2/23/2022

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Topic: Emerging Technologies, Existing Policies and Architectures

This presentation we will discuss current architectures and policies and how it’s hard to match the speed of change. That the coalition of the willing can create change through sharing and leveraging the grassroots of organizations and drive-up consistencies in leveraging what you have to meet new constructs and open a discussion on what policies are required.

Speaker: Stephanie Neely, Defense Information Systems Agency

Stephanie Neely has 27 years of experience in cybersecurity and cyber operations. She has worked both sides of the fence as an ISSM to NOCs and SOCs. Currently she leads a team to ensure the Department of Defense Information Networks (DODIN) are postured through unified actions that deliver the successful evolution of modernized technology solutions. Currently we are working on defining zero trust minimum capability standards for the DODIN and will be performing risk assessments against each DAO’s architecture.