Membership Meeting 2/24/2021

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Topic: Lockpicking 101

The session will begin with a 15 presentation on primer on the pin picking (SPP) of pin and tumbler locks following by a 30-minute demonstration/interactive session. Participants are welcomed to purchase equipment to work along with the instructor. The simplest options to get are Number 3 Masterlocks:

Speaker: Michael,  Unallocated Space

Flay is a past President of Unallocated Spaces. Unallocated Space is a technology-based community center, based out of a 1600+ SF space located in Severn, MD.  He has been lockpicking for years and was the 2 time winner of the GrrCon ‘Cage of shame’ lockpicking challenge. He thinks its great fun and is excited to be able to encourage others in the hobby.