Membership Meeting, June 26, 2019

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Membership Meeting June 26, 2019

Chapter Business Meeting Slides: 2019-06-26-Meeting-Presentation

Speaker Presentation: Crafting A DLP Program

Topic: Data Loss Prevention Essentials

A how-to primer on overcoming organizational challenges to implement a successful Data Loss Prevention program.

Advances in technology have prompted a rapid evolution of business processes over the last two decades. Along with the benefits provided to organizations, these advances have brought about new types of risks. Data has become the lifeblood of organizations, yet many do not know what data they have, what is important, or how it is being used.

A Data Loss Prevention program provides insight into these new risks, but organizations are often ill-equipped to respond to this new information or manage the associated risks.

Infolock’s Director of Advisory Services, Ryan Dobbins, will discuss the three main areas required for a successful implantation:

    • Governance: The organizational articulation of what data is important and how it is measured
    • Visibility: The technical ability to make informed decisions
  • Protection: The enforcement of organization risk tolerance

A successful DLP program supports and informs organizational leadership as they manage data risk and minimize the occurrence and impact of data incidents. Attendees will leave this presentation with an understanding of how to turn DLP technology into a holistic program to reduce organizational risks.

Speaker: Ryan Dobbins, Director of Advisory Services, Infolock

Ryan Dobbins is Infolock’s Director of Advisory Services and helped develop the Data Risk Management Framework (DRMF). A graduate of James Madison University, Mr. Dobbins holds the SANS GSLC certification and is active in the Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) community where he offers his expertise on topics such as:

  • Strategic Data Governance
  • Aligning Compliance Goals with Real Security
  • Reducing Enterprise Risk with Data Loss Prevention
  • How to Use a Control Framework to Build a Security Program

In addition to his work at Infolock, Mr. Dobbins was a featured speaker at VA HIMSS (2017), the AMC Security Conference (2017), the NCHICA Conference (2016), and the AMC Conference (2016). Prior to Infolock, Mr. Dobbins developed and managed the information security program at a multi-billion-dollar healthcare enterprise, including its GRC system and Security Operations Center. In this role, Mr. Dobbins and his team worked to detect, respond to, and report on technical security issues. During this time, they responded to internal and external security audits, formed business relationships with various organizational units and provided corporate
guidance on security related issues. The results of their findings were scored against HITRUST and internal policies and added to the GRC system for risk-tracking and remediation. Later, these results were published to a wide audience across a number of formats, including
executive dashboards and technician remediation paths