August 2016 Meeting

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Speaker: Bob Nicholson, Business Development, Federal Civilian & Cyber Security, Dell Federal

Bob Nicholson is currently a Business Development Manager for the Dell Federal team with a concentration in Cyber Security.
Prior to that Bob spent 15 years as a security practitioner within the federal government. For 10 of those years, he worked in the datacenter implementing many IT Security solutions and ultimately maturing business processes in order to substantiate a Security Operations Center. He then moved over to the CIO’s office working directly for the CISO as a Director of Technical Operations where he led many governance initiatives including, but not limited to, Enterprise Penetration Testing Program, Data Loss Prevention Program, Static Code Analysis, Incident Response Process and Reporting, Trusted Internet Connections including Einstein 2 and 3 implementations, and implementing their CDM dashboard and reporting utilizing Splunk as the enterprise platform.

Topic: Insider Threat

Insider threats have the upper hand in many organizations and IT Security staffs can easily be overwhelmed by the noise of false alerts caused by multiple tools that don’t talk to each other. These well-intentioned tools end up adding more complexity, less security and allowing insider threats to go undetected. Learn how best to identify and stop insider threats before a breach occurs and confidential data can be stolen. We’ll share valuable insights into how you can build a world class program to keep your data safe from insider threats, including:
* Today’s Insider Threat landscape
* 9 Steps for building an effective Insider Threat Defense Program
* Behavioral Analytics + Context = Security Operation Optimization

Keep insider threats at bay from the inside out.

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