September 2010 Meeting

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The Privileged Challenge

Up until the last few years, IT security managers have spent billions of dollars in securing the parameters of their organizations to keep out those who would bring harm to their internal networks. However in recent years, there is more awareness around a particularly insidious threat.

It’s the insider threat. According to CERT, of the insiders who have either maliciously or accidentally exposed critical information on a network; 90% percent of them were given administrative rights to critical systems.

Cyber-Ark will present a discussion on this very serious problem that EVERY organization faces in the 21st century. This presentation called “The ‘Privileged’ Challenge” will discuss how the threat manifests itself, how widespread it is, who typically perpetrates these serious crimes and the best practices for protecting your organization.

Michael Wrightson, Cyber-Ark Software

Michael Wrightson joined Cyber-Ark Software, the market leader in enterprise privileged identity management and a visionary in highly sensitive data security, in 2009 and serves as the Manager of Channels for the east coast region of the United States and the Caribbean.

Michael manages the relationship between Cyber-Ark and its regional partners such as IMA, Fishnet Security, Cadre Information Security, Gotham Technology Group and many others. He holds a Bachelor in Information Technology and has specialized in identity and access management software solutions.