August 2010 Meeting

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War of the Worlds – Business vs. Security in the Social Web

When it comes to the Social Web (Social Media, Social Networking, etc…), Business and Security can be on two totally different worlds. Business wants to open the social web to staff to spread the word while the security team knows these sites harbor some potentially bad stuff. In the August ISSA Baltimore meeting we will explore these two worlds and discuss topics such as:

  • What does the Social Web mean to business?
  • What are the threats of the Social Web?
  • How can we enable business while protecting it at the same time?

By exploring both sides of the issue you will be well equipped to enable business’ social web projects while mitigating risk for your organization.

Tim Kulp, CISSP, CEH

Tim Kulp (CISSP, CEH) is an Information Security and Secure Coding professional in Baltimore, MD. He specializes in secure software development and penetration testing web applications. In recent years, Tim’s focus has been working with development teams on updating applications to utilize secure coding practices and studying the security impact of the Social Web.